I was born this way

We already mentioned a fireplace miss which is noted on October 11 the International day – and we will continue to write about it because the problem of “an exit from a case” was and remains relevant, especially in our country and under present circumstances when the vast majority says to the people that it in life did not meet live speaking a gem and lesbians. That mythical “gay propaganda” which for it is more terrible than holes on roads and ruins in the economic sector does not prevent these people to fear like the plague.

In America by day a fireplace misses the most interesting came out – and along with it the awfully nice book which is called “I it was born”. You correctly translated: in English it will be “Born This Way”, however the speech not about the Lady Gaga song now. More precisely, to some extent about it – but indirectly.

If you remember, once we told that on the Internet there was a blog created by the person by the name of the DJ Paul V. The blog was called “Born This Way” in honor of the Lady Gaga song, and it was supposed to publish children’s photos of gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender people in it. Success of this blog exceeded all expectations: in one and a half years in it a lot of photos appeared, on many of which it is accurately visible that some kids already at quite tender age showed characteristic features of behavior which not always groundlessly connect with gays and lesbians. The stereotype is more likely that we by no means not always show these lines, but from it we do not become “less homosexual”.

“On a photo we see boy gays with female lines and lesbian girls with men’s habits, there are also homosexual children without “special” lines. In each of us it is combined both women’s, and men’s. And rather we will teach children to the fact that homosexuality – the same norm, as well as heterosexuality, rather everything really will change for the better”

said about the child to Paul Vee.

The collection of pictures in the blog was selected so impressive that Paul decided to release it the separate book under the same name. The it is more that actually each photo was followed by the small story told by the person represented on it who matured and finally realized the sexual identity.

Here what is written about it by the editor of the gay section of the Huffington Post:


“I learned about the sexual orientation not because I was reported about it by the burning bush, and not because to me angels went down to talk about it. There was no gaping heaven and other things from a series “well no kidding!” Since I remember myself, from the earliest childhood, I knew that I am not similar to all.

This summer I for the first time publicly talked about the childhood and about how it was difficult for gay to mature in the small industrial town in the southern part of the State of Wisconsin. I argued on it very little. But after acquaintance with some especially spiteful comments to homosexual people, I decided to share those emotions which helped me to feel less desperate and helpless.

And it worked. It was not only experience of improbable release for me: I understood that many other people know that I happened to test because they passed through something similar. My mailbox was hammered with stories, and I was consoled, thinking that there was not one such. In spite of the fact that many of us endured (and continue to worry) very bitter and cruel moments, in detection and recognition of each other there was certain improbable force and power.

On October 9 the remarkable new book will appear on shelves of shops, and hundreds of new voices will join a conversation on this subject. The book “I Was Born It” is published under edition of the DJ Paula Vee, and as inspiration for it its website with the same name – the project by means of which adult gays and lesbians submit the children’s photos served and talk about the growing, sharing memories how they grew, realizing itself representatives of LGBT”.

Though the pictures and stories collected in the book are various on mood – from heart-breaking to cheerful, – all of them are one of parts of a range. And it is not important, whether it be history of the famous person (for example, the Australian bisexual singer of CII, or the American congressman, the open gay Barney Franck), or the ordinary, “ordinary” person: thanks to this blog and this book the people will be able to learn how many at all of us, actually, general.

Here what wrote about the book itself to Paul Vee:

“My ultimate goal is in getting rid of homophobia cargo, to show that the homosexuality was never the choice, to help business of a humanization, personalization and globalization, having told about life experience and about how we grew, being the LGBT children. And if it helps at least one person from LGBT community not to commit suicide, to get rid of shame or to cease to feel unloved, then I will consider that I achieved the objectives”.

Photos from the blog and the book “Born This Way”:

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