Personal workouts

I want to carry out a small educational program and to explain specifics of work of the trainer for those someone not in a subject. It is that if the client wants to cancel the appointed training, then it is possible to make it not later, than for assigned number of hours. Otherwise, the work out will be useless.

When it happens, we strongly are indignant: the workout was not, and money is thrown away.

Now I will try to explain from where such rule.

The client, often, considers that the trainer has the same eight-hour work as well as at him, completely. Worked out or not, does not play a role, the main thing that served hours and money received. And therefore, canceling a training we will tell, in 3 hours prior to its beginning, on its logic nothing terrible happens, the trainer just will leave a bit earlier home.

Alas, absolutely not so. Any trainer in fitness club does not work at a salary, that is for the fixed salary. His earnings completely depend on the number of the trainings held by him which are held.

And business at all not that trainer greedy. And that time for the trainer in literal sense is money.

And when YOU did not come, he could train another, but not do nothing what equally to be short of money, of work

And if to cancel a training in 5 hours, then the trainer will not be able to find replacement to earn the missed money.

Someone can object that he will receive this money in other day, they will not get to anywhere. Alas it not so. They do not develop with earnings of other day. I will give an example.

Will allow I the client and I am always engaged with the trainer at seven in the evening every other day. And in other days for the same time at his other clients.

Will assume I cancelled a training. I will not be able to postpone it next day as their other client, and every other day there is no sense, it so my time. Therefore, the trainer any more will never catch up with himself in the planned income.

You of course can tell that the training can be postponed for other time, alas it only theoretically, and practically it never occurs.

First, at the client is more often most there is no other time, secondly probability is high, that, as other time will be taken and in the third many just will not want to be engaged because of the admission then every day making up.

In a word, the training is not goods which if did not sell five pieces in one day, then in other day you will be able to sell ten, having overtaken for the missed day.

And without saying it that the trainer often and comes to club under the client. I will repeat that he does not sit at office as you, or the cook at restaurant also waits when from it something is ordered. It has a schedule of trainings to which all his life, including personal is subordinated.

Therefore, there is such rule of cancellation of trainings which, is by the way, designed not only to minimize trainer’s losses, but also to organize your life. For many in the sphere of fitness the whip, but not gingerbread is necessary, and the similar system of penalties forces people to be more organized as in most cases, admissions happen because of bad own organization.

Of course, people have different circumstances when it is not always possible to warn in advance and quite clear simple human “forgot”, “was tired”. To clients go on a meeting, but besides, just understand that this “meeting” at the expense of your trainer.

But there are “thorough” clients at whom it happens systematically and to full disrespect for work of other people. Well for example, surprises the client’s explanations from a series, rangings of importance of the tasks and the trainer, well type, you move dumbbells, and I operate planets, so move the interests.

Generally, if to you there was something similar, then do not blame club or the trainer, begin first of all with yourself. And if you feel that you are right that it would be possible and to forgive, then address above.

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